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Children’s magazines: getting past the ‘buy one magazine, get five tacky, two-minute wonder toys for free’ to something educational and beautiful

Go with your children to any supermarket or a branch of a well-known newsagent/bookseller chain and you will find it very difficult to make it past the children’s magazines section.   The magazines are strategically placed at kiddy eye level and are … Continue reading

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6 books about science for younger children: investigate, explore, witness and prepare to be amazed

Science can be so exciting for children – discoveries to be made, amazing transformations to be witnessed and everyday things to be looked at in a completely new way.    Getting science out of the classroom and exploring the world and all its … Continue reading

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Using Children’s Fiction to Inspire Interest and Take Up of Science and Engineering Subjects – ‘Is’ by Derek Webb

          Derek Webb is the author of Is.   And Derek Webb has been very clever.   Firstly, he has written a children’s fictional book which will enthuse children about all things science and engineering.   And secondly, by … Continue reading

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6 Children’s Craft Books for Long Summer Days

We are big on craft in our house and love to fill our long summer days with creating, cutting, sticking and building.   And most of the ideas in these inspiring books make use of materials and things discarded or found … Continue reading

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