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A Beautiful Lie by Irfan Master: What if you think the truth is too painful for someone to bear? Then it’s ok to lie, right?

Aren’t we always told to tell the truth?  It’s drummed into us right from the start by our parents, our teachers.  Look what happened to the boy who cried wolf, we are reminded.  But what if you think the truth … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with Shakespeare: Great resources for gently introducing the writings of the Bard to children plus a fun Shakespeare game

There’s no doubt that the retelling of Shakespeare’s stories to a younger audience presents a challenge.   In Shakespeare’s original tales, the language is not entirely straightforward and I can remember when studying Twelfth Night for O level getting very bogged down … Continue reading

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Brotherband: The Invaders by John Flanagan. A Little Babbler review by Tom, aged 11, from High Wycombe

A very good book especially for adventure, pirate and nautical book enthusiasts. Although I did read the 2nd book first, it will help a lot more if you read the first book as well.   This is also the first book I … Continue reading

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From India to London and back again: The Wheel of Surya by Jamila Gavin and Jasmine Skies by Sita Brahmachari (plus stunning images from The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms, edited by Susan Stronge)

Our journey starts in the Punjab, north-west India, around the time of the Second World War.  Tensions between the different religious communities in India have been rising, fuelled by Britain’s declaration of war on India’s behalf and nearly a century of … Continue reading

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The Demon’s Watch by Conrad Mason : A fast-moving adventure of pirates, magic and improbable heroes, perfect for ages 9+

The Demon’s Watch – a debut novel by Conrad Mason, published 1st March 2012 by David Fickling Books Port Fayt.  Trading heart of the Middle Islands.  Situated between the Old World and the New World, it has long been a safe haven … Continue reading

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5 children’s picture books celebrating storytelling from around the world. Lose yourself in beautiful artwork and touching stories.

I am always keen to feature traditional tales from around the world.  Stories often passed down by mouth, generation to generation, perhaps with variations to them depending on the storyteller and always unique to the cultures, the landscapes and the people … Continue reading

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American Children’s Classics 1: Little House on the Prairie: Books for Girls Age 9+

Say Little House on the Prairie and most people (well, those around my age anyway) will remember the NBC television series of the same name starring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. Actually, Little House on the Prairie is the second of a … Continue reading

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5 Children’s Books Set During the Second World War (Plus Links to Teaching Resources)

                                War is not an easy or straightforward subject to talk about with children.  War is never simple, never black and white.    The stories featured … Continue reading

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5 Thought-provoking Books for Teenage Readers

The books listed below are both ’real’ and thought-provoking.   I’ve read and LOVED all of them and think they are perfect for both avid and reluctant teenage readers. Once by Morris Gleitzman   Morris Gleitzman says he was inspired to write Once, Then … Continue reading

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6 Children’s Books for Horse-Mad Girls

Don’t all girls sometimes dream of owning and riding their own horse?   My daughters do, always!   There is something magical about the relationship between a horse and its rider.   Three of these books are story books, all of which capture that … Continue reading

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