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Five favourite family board games enjoyed during the holidays and not an on-switch in sight!

Board games, it appears, are making a comeback – see a recent piece in The Guardian.  I, myself, have always loved board games – there is no on/off switch, they can be competitive or collaborative and they can be hilarious: … Continue reading

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Learning your times tables: a necessity so why not make it fun! 5 ways/tools to engage your children with times tables

  There’s no way of avoiding them.  The times tables are a necessity if one is to progress along the mathematics learning journey. So, like them or not, knowing your times tables is important.   They are the building blocks for further … Continue reading

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The ABC Animals – Reassuring Stories for Children Starting School

                            Starting school can be a daunting time even for the most confident of children.   And for us parents it isn’t a whole lot easier.  Even if … Continue reading

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4 (and a few more) Children’s Board and Card Games to Support Maths Learning

  Make learning maths fun with these board and card games.   We have found all of these games really helpful in supporting our children’s learning of numbers, spacial awareness, patterns, shapes, number operations and good old turn-taking. Your Number’s Up!  The … Continue reading

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