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6 books about science for younger children: investigate, explore, witness and prepare to be amazed

Science can be so exciting for children – discoveries to be made, amazing transformations to be witnessed and everyday things to be looked at in a completely new way.    Getting science out of the classroom and exploring the world and all its … Continue reading

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9 children’s pop-up books – amazing feats of paper engineering to delight any child (and adult!)

  We are HUGE fans of pop-up books in the Babbleabout household.  Pop-ups, if executed well, bring a truly magical setting to a story, they add drama, explain what’s happening and highlight key events.  All of this makes a classic story … Continue reading

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Make it with paper – 6 children’s books for budding paper engineers

I don’t know about your children, but mine go through paper like drinking water.  Thankfully we have a plentiful supply of scrap paper.   Paper, scissors, sellotape and lots of imagination will keep children happy for hours.   And sometimes the results … Continue reading

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Using Children’s Fiction to Inspire Interest and Take Up of Science and Engineering Subjects – ‘Is’ by Derek Webb

          Derek Webb is the author of Is.   And Derek Webb has been very clever.   Firstly, he has written a children’s fictional book which will enthuse children about all things science and engineering.   And secondly, by … Continue reading

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