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Children’s book publishers – do you have an upcoming book release planned?   If so, why not consider getting a review on this site.   I generally review a selection of books around a theme but I will review new books as a single piece.  I am building a good following by connecting this site to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.    I have also used these platforms extensively on other projects.

Portable Book Fairs

I am exploring the idea of arranging portable book fairs.  A similar event took place in central Berlin on 25th June 2011 and is described as follows“The idea is simple: once a place, a date, and a time is defined for a Port­able Book Fair, any­one that wants to par­ti­cip­ate can simply spread the mes­sage, con­tact people that may be inter­ested, put the inform­a­tion in their blogs, web­sites, face­book pages, etc., and come and bring their own pub­lic­a­tions for display.” Is this something that would interest you, as a writer, publisher, self-publisher or bookseller?

A Bit About Me

I have a law degree and worked in the project management field within telecommunications for 10 years or so before having a family.   My passion is and always has been books.   I particularly love reading children’s books.   Having two young girls is a wonderful excuse to keep reading them!   And now I write about them.

I am also passionate about photography.  All the featured images on this website are taken by me, including the header photograph, unless otherwise indicated.   All the book thumbnail images are not mine.

2 Responses to Message to Publishers

  1. Emma Tofi says:

    I am the author of The ABC Animals – a new series of books aimed at children aged 3-7yrs, tackling some of the issues faced in the first few years of school. Each book in the A-Z series deals with a different theme, from learning to make friends and play fairly to complex subjects such as bullying and self-acceptance, in a reassuring yet entertaining way. The first three books in the series, Alana The Angry Alligator, Bertie Bullfrog And The Bullies and Charlie The Cheating Cheetah were released in April and the books are already being used in some local schools here in Cornwall, as a platform for discussion on the subjects they raise. I’d be happy to send you a sample copy for review on your site, if you feel this is something you might be interested in? Please visit for more info!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

    Best wishes,

    Emma Tofi

    • Yvonne Keen says:

      Hi Emma
      Your idea sounds lovely and I would be delighted to review your books. I believe children really respond to ideas and issues which are written as part of a story and that is true for children of all ages, young and older. I will email you directly with my contact details. Many thanks for getting in touch. Best regards, Yvonne.

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