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7 children’s picture books/collections of fairy tales. Classic, modern and sumptuous treatments of these enduring tales

“The marvels and prodigies, the seven-league boots and enchanted mirrors, the talking animals, the heroes and heroines changed into frogs or bears or cats, the golden eggs and over-flowing supplies of porridge, the stars on the brow of the good sister and … Continue reading

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9 Children’s Christmas Picture Books That Capture the Magic of this Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Get into the true spirit of Christmas with these beautiful children’s Christmas picture books.   Reading these books together always gets us excited during the days before Christmas.   We don’t do mounds of presents in our house but we can’t help … Continue reading

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5 children’s picture books that gently touch upon friendship, acceptance, separation and the value of not having it all

Few of us escape experiencing difficulties or upsets along the way.   It can be during these times that we learn the most about life, ourselves and what is important although this isn’t always easy.  And for children, it must be … Continue reading

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