The Land of Stories (The Wishing Well) by Chris Colfer : reviewed by Hannah, aged 9, from High Wycombe

The Land of Stories – The Wishing Well by  Chris Colfer

This book is about two twins – Alex and Conner Bailey - who disappear into their Grandmother’s old book of fairy tales she gave them for their twelth birthday.  After their Dad dies, it seems like the twins’ world has fallen apart.  But on their amazing journey to get home they see some of their Dad’s stories for real and uncover secrets.

In each kingdom in the fairytale world, they will have to collect an item for the wishing well, the only possible way to get them home.

I think anybody who likes fantasy and adventure would love this book like I did.  I think that it should be for ages 9 – 12, or maybe older.

I would recommend this book because it is exciting.  The characters are great and I love the settings they travel through.  I loved the ending.


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