Back to school? Try student life at the School of Fear or Monster High … if you dare! Two school genre books by Gitty Daneshvari

My secondary school. I loved my school and, thankfully, it was nothing like the schools featured in the following two books by Gitty Daneshvari and reviewed by Hannah, age 9, from High Wycombe

Back to school this week? Count your lucky stars you’re not going to be a student at the schools featured in these two tween books by Gitty Daneshvari, School of Fear and Ghoulfriends Forever – Monster High, reviewed by Hannah, age 9, from High Wycombe.

School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari   “Everyone is afraid of something…”  This book’s ending is thrilling!  I think it was my favourite part of the book.   It was amazing when Munchauser, a beastly man, comes out of the Dire Disaster chute in the school’s floor, announces some terrible news to their strange teacher, Mrs Wellington, and makes a daring escape with the caretaker’s dog, Macaroni!  Soon, the only students at the school are after him.   The foursome are on an incredible adventure, meeting some very odd people along the way and facing up to their biggest fears, namely, bugs, dying, confined spaces and deep, deep water.   Welcome to the school where there is no homework, no exams but where, if they fail to conquer their fears by the end of the course… it’s just too frightening to say.

Ghoulfriends Forever – Monster High – by Gitty Daneshvari   This is an exciting book with great characters.  Rochelle Goyle, the Scarisian gargoyle, Robecca Steam, the forgetful robot-girl and Venus McFlytrap, the eco-friendly plant monster are all new to Monster High and are sharing the Chamber of Gore and Lore.  After finding their way around the school they realise there is a new teacher who seems a little odd. What is she doing whispering in all the monster’s ears? The three ghoul friends must work out what Miss Flapper is doing, and more importantly, who is she..?

I really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading the second book.   I would really recommend Ghoulfriends Forever as a book for girls aged 8-10.

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