The Pea and the Princess: an endearing twist on a well-known fairytale plus a lovely Princess and the Pea sewing project from Mollie Makes

 From pod to palace – the real story of the princess and the pea…”

I love it when writers come up with an original twist on a well-known fairytale and you can’t get more original than Mini Grey’s take on The Princess and the Pea.   In this delightful book, we get to hear the story of how the prince finds his true love … FROM THE PEA!  And what a gutsy, clever little pea it is who single-handedly and with much resourcefulness steps in (figuratively speaking) to sort out the hapless family up at the Palace.

The story picks up shortly after Pea’s birth – “I was born in the Palace Allotment, among rows of carrot and beetroot and cabbage” and almost immediately Pea suspects that ‘his’ life is going to be extraordinary.  And how right ‘he’ was – waiting in a bowl alongside lots of other, identical little peas, expecting to be part of a new recipe, Pea is suddently plucked out and taken in a box by the Queen no less.  The Queen has it in her head that “..a Real Princess will be able to feel this little pea as she sleeps, even if she is sleeping on top of twenty mattresses and feather beds.  And you are going to marry the first girl who can feel this Pea!“.   (One gets the feeling that Her Majesty is somewhat exasperated with the efforts of her son in finding a bride).

However, even the Queen’s efforts don’t quite go to plan and having endured many nights (months and months) “in the darkness under a pile of twenty mattresses and feather beds and a princess“, Pea, quite frankly, has had ENOUGH.  Time to take things into his own hands (hands, ?)  Anyway, with the right girl in place (you’ll have to read the book yourself to see who she is), and squashed underneath twenty mattresses and feather beds and a Princess, Pea decides to start climbing, gingerly, to the top.  Upon reaching the top and for the next three hours, Pea whispers into the girl’s ear, “There is something Large and Round and very Uncomfortable in the bed under you”, over and over again.

Can you guess what the girl’s response was to the Queen the following morning when asked how she slept?   Well, suffice it to say, Pea was made a Very Important Artefact and lived out ‘his’ days on display in a glass case.

I nestled snugly in a velvety pod with my brothers and sisters. I felt a tingle. I knew that somehow I would be important.

I was put in a little box, with soft tissue to protect me from bruising. And I was taken by the Queen.

Months passed. I spent most nights in the darkness under a pile of twenty mattresses and feather beds and a princess.

In the morning, the Queen asked the girl how she had slept.

Oh, it was awful! she sighed. Something Large and Round and Uncomfortable was bothering me all night.

Princess and the Pea sewing project inspired by Mollie Makes magazine

One of our summer holiday projects, amongst others, was to have a go at making this gorgeous sewing project.   All the materials were sourced cheaply from scraps of material lying around at home or from eBay.   The project also gave me the excuse to buy a sewing machine and after a lot of research I purchased a John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine for £49 which I thought was remarkably good value.   And I have to say it is a lovely little machine.  It is easy to use, so easy my nine and seven year old daughters are able to use it.  (And no John Lewis did not supply the machine for free and have not paid me to say all this).  Oh, and the Pea is made from airdry modelling clay.

The Princess and the Pea sewing project is designed by Miranda McGrory and featured in Issue 15 of Mollie Makes magazine.

Not quite twenty mattresses but we're working on it.


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  1. Clara says:

    What a lovely shared sewing project – you’ve done a delightful job of it! I love to see picture books inspiring creativity in small people and their mums. How cheering to hear that your girls are already using the machine, it’s a pleasure for life!

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