Rubbish Town Hero by Nicola Davies: A Little Babbler Review by Rose, age 9, from High Wycombe

Chipo and his sister Gentle, live in a bomb crater outside Rubbish Town, where everything and everyone has been thrown away at least once. With no parents or family to protect them, Chipo is convinced that his ability to think quick and move fast, like a superhero, is all that he and his sister, Gentle, need to get on in life. But Chipo’s ambitions land them in big trouble and set the two children and their dog Mouse, on a roller coaster ride of adventures. Along the way they find a new kind of family, but will Chipo find the courage to be a real hero and find a better life for them all?  (Synopsis provided by Nicola Davies, from her website, here).

And this is what Rose, our Little Babbler, thought of Rubbish Town Hero.

“This book is about a little boy named Chipo and his sister Gentle.  They live together in Rubbish Town.  Chipo works on the local dump collecting bits of metal and other valuable rubbish, which a man called Papa Fudu pays him for.  One day Chipo finds a television at the dump and the children’s world changes forever.

This is not a book which I would normally choose to read and it took a little time to really start enjoying it, however the more I read the more I wanted to read.

It is a book about hope, courage, determination and friendship.”


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