It’s Spring (honest!) So celebrate with (and maybe WIN) Barefoot Books beautiful new Spring list picture books (Competition now closed)

Inside sleeve, Grandpa's Garden

Broken Spring by Elli Woollard

Could someone repair this spring, do you think?

Do you think that somebody could?

This spring’s all broken, the sky’s dark grey

The sun has lost its bounce today

The clouds are spouting with terrible leaks

It’s rained and rained for weeks and weeks

And sometimes it thunders and blusters and hails

Get out your hammers, your spanners, your nails!

As there’s water, water everywhere

So could some builders come and repair

The spring? Do you think they could?

Elli writes beautiful and funny and very original poems.  And they can be found on her website called Taking Words for a Stroll – Original Poems for the Young at Heart.   Please take a look and immerse yourself in her rhyming worlds.

5 beautiful children’s picture books newly available from Barefoot Books’ spring list and yours to win (see below)

Grandpa’s Garden written by Stella Fry, illustrated by Sheila Moxley    Billy and his Grandpa work tirelessly together on the vegetable plot at the bottom of Grandpa’s garden – planning and preparing during the cold Winter months; planting seeds and potato tubers in the Spring; weeding and watering during warm Summer days; tidying and sowing new crops during Autumn to be ready again for next year.  Watch with Billy and his Grandpa as the hard earth begins to soften ready for sowing, little green shoots break through in search of light and the garden is invaded by hungry minibeasts.   It is lovely to read about and watch the relationship that Billy and Grandpa share.   Grandpa is always at hand to offer advice and encouragement.  At one point Billy is worried about all the slugs, snails and caterpillers feasting on the young, tender leaves.

“But Grandpa doesn’t seem to mind at all.   ‘Have a look around, Billy,’ he says.  ‘Tell me what you can see, and tell me how they’re protecting the garden.  Quiet, mind!’  Very quietly, I start exploring.  I find hungry frogs and snuffling hedgehogs.  There are lazy ladybirds and gauzy hoverflies.   And I see busy, bright-eyed birds fly down from the trees, searching for supper.  ‘They’re the best friends we could have,’ says Grandpa.”

At the of this book is a delightful section about planning your own vegetable patch and things to do in each season to get the best out of your patch.  Age 4+

A teepee marks the beans we buried weeks before. In I dig, finger and thumb. A gentle tug and up one comes, complete with brand new baby roots. And look! Another shoot is reaching up towards the light. 'There,' says Grandpa. 'Not long now!' But it's still hard to wait!

Planning your Vegetable Patch

My Mama Earth written by Susan B. Katz, illustrated by Melissa Launay  

“My mama wakes the eastern sun.  And weaves her magic till day’s done.”

This book is a stunning visual portrayal of the love between a mother and child.  It also reminds us, beautifully, that we too, as humankind, must never forget the relationship we have with Mother Earth.  The illustrations reveal the delicate balance between beauty and fragility in the natural world that is all around us. Age 2+

Who’s in the Farmyard? Written by Phillis Gershator, illustrated by Jill McDonald

“Who wakes up in the morning to a cock-a-doodle-doo?” 

This book is SO much fun.  When the king of the farmyard starts to crow, everybody wakes up and starts to make their own sounds too!   The hens, cluck, cluck, clucking; the sheep baa, baa, baaing; the cows moo, moo, mooing, the goats bleat, bleat, bleating; and the pigs, oink, oink, oinking.   This is one of those books that is perfect for sharing together as you travel round the farmyard illustrations and make all the animal noises together.  Each time the cockerel crows you get a peep at the next animal he has woken up through a little round window on the next page.  So sweet and great for little fingers to explore too.   There is also the opportunity to learn all the names of the baby animals too – sheep/lambs, cows/calves, goats/kids, etc.  Made from sturdy board, this book will travel and endure the constant exploring of little hands.   Age 0+

Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes 

A beautiful board book illustrated using needlework and applique.  Inside are lively animal poems – some very well known – but all chosen to develop language and relationship skills.  There are also plenty of opportunities to learn and practise those early counting skills.  A great little book for sharing rhyme and movement together.   Age 0+


Clare Beaton’s Bedtime Rhymes  

After a long day reading, what better way to be lulled off to sleep than by gently sharing together these relaxing bedtime rhymes.  These lovely poems should be read aloud, with the lights down low and in a soft whisper.  Shhhh.    Age 0+



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21 Responses to It’s Spring (honest!) So celebrate with (and maybe WIN) Barefoot Books beautiful new Spring list picture books (Competition now closed)

  1. Zoe says:

    What a lovely poem by Elli! I’m happy with all the rain actually, but the poem is super. And as always the barefoot books are full of beautiful colour.

  2. Helen D says:

    What lovely looking books, Beautiful illustrations. I’m sure my two would enjoy them, especially the gardening book as they had a good stab at growing tomatoes last summer.

  3. Helen D says:

    I followed @livebarefoot on Twitter too.

  4. Damyanti says:

    Love the poem, made me smile just what I needed on this grey day & the books are glorious too

  5. Amy Bratley says:

    Gorgeous books. My children would love to read these, I’m sure. I will follow on Twitter too.

  6. What a fabulous selection of books! Think smallest would really enjoy them :)

  7. Liked the Facebook page

  8. Rachael Hill says:

    Great pictures, beautiful books

  9. Library Quine says:

    I love all these books, the illustrations are wonderful. Claire Beaton’s work is fabulous and I’m about to read one of her other board books “Action Rhymes” to my Mums and Babies group on Tuesday (she has a lot of fans amongst them). Great giveaway!

  10. Library Quine says:

    I’ve Liked the babbleabout Facebook page.

  11. Library Quine says:

    … And followed @liveBarefoot (Barefoot Books) on Twitter

  12. Ann Wright says:

    What beautiful books to introduce children to the outdoors and encourage them to go outside and explore – especially Grandpa’s Garden.

  13. Ann Wright says:

    I followed @liveBearfoot on twitter too.

  14. Rainie Bish says:

    Lovely books, my children would love them

  15. Rainie Bish says:

    I follow @liveBarefoot (Barefoot Books) on Twitter

  16. Rainie Bish says:

    I ‘like’ the Babbleabout facebook page

  17. Ooh what a bumper competition! I have not come across Claire Beaton but the illustrations in her books above are gorgeous. The treatment in Farmyard Rhymes is very unique!

  18. I follow @liveBarefoot on Twitter

  19. I now like Babbleabout on Facebook too!

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