The Fairyland Olympics : an enchanting children’s picture book about a forest of fairies that decide to hold a Fairy Olympics. *Win a signed copy by the illustrator*

It is so much fun to imagine what other creatures, real or imaginery, would do if they got hold of the Olympic idea – underwater sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean; insects and butterflies on a hot sunny day in a meadow somewhere; even all the animals in a city zoo!   Imagine the opening ceremonies that would be held, the games villages and stadia that would be built and the events that would be planned and staged.

This is just what Mighty Meg and Lucy Longlegs (aka Meg Clibbon and Lucy Loveheart) have imagined and created with The Fairyland Olympics.  This is Olympics fairystyle and it is enchanting.

“One day a very excited wizard on his magical broomstick gatecrashed a meeting of very important residents of the Enchanted Forest.  They were arguing about what sort of party they should hold in the summer.  ‘Stop!’ said the wizard, so they did.  ‘I’ve just come back from the world of humans.  They have something called the Olympic games once every four years.  It is a sort of great big sporting party.  Why don’t we do something like that?’”

And they did.  Soon everyone was hard at work getting everything ready – giants in charge of construction, food fairies and gourmet goblins started cooking, fairy godmothers began to make banners, bunting and beautiful decorations, to name but a few.

Let the games begin!

(I recommend you click on the images below so that you can see Lucy’s beautiful illustrations on a larger scale and in more detail).

The Misty Mountain (snow and ice events), the Arboreal Grotto (musical events), the Swamp (Troll dancing, mud wrestling), the Rainbow Podium (prize giving)

The Theatair (aerial events, cloud gymnastics), the Spherena (track events), Sea Palace (water events), the Games Village

The Rainbow Relay. A live report from the Spherena: Announcer : "Now, over to Gary Gigglebottom who's down by the finishing line for one of the most anticipated events of the games... the Rainbow Relay."

The Theatair. Sun, moon, stars and rainbows illuminate the beautiful theatair where the aerial events take place.

The Games Village

At the end of the book are some lovely ideas for holding your own garden olympics – create event cards and invitations for your friends, make special coronets for winners (instructions included) and hold a closing party.  There is even a recipe for a special energy drink and cut out medals to hand out.

The Fairyland Olympics is a lovely, enchanting book, perfect for this year of the London Olympics 2012.   The illustrations are exquisite and there are some really funny bits too. For example,

“Here is the Games Village. (1) Garden with delicious healthy vegetables. (2) Kitchen making lots of food with delicious healthy vegetables.  (3) Herb fairies in the cottage hospital looking after people who haven’t been eating delicious healthy vegetables…”

Competition!  Win a signed copy by Lucy of The Fairyland Olympics

Lucy Loveheart in conjunction with Babbleabout is offering a fantastic prize – a signed copy by Lucy of her delightful book The Fairyland Olympics.   To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is design your own Gold medal for the Fairyland Olympics.  You can use felt-tips, colouring pencils, paints, collage – whatever you like.  Even salt dough if that is your preferred medium.   The more colourful the better!   When you are happy with the final result, take a photograph and send it to me at      You have plenty of time – in fact, you have the whole of the school Easter holidays.   The closing date is Sunday 15th April, midnight.  Good luck designers!  My 9 year old daughter has already had a go and here is her medal (sadly for her she is not allowed to enter).

After the 15th April, I will put up an online gallery of all the entries and then Lucy herself will decide upon a winner.    The winner will be notified on this site on Friday, 20th April 2012, midnight.

About Lucy

Lucy Loveheart has been a full-time artist, illustrator and designer for over 18 years and has worked together with her mother, Meg, on a series of 17 children’s books to date.   To see Lucy’s new Print Gallery and for more information about paintings, exhibitions and future projects please visite


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