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5 children’s picture books celebrating storytelling from around the world. Lose yourself in beautiful artwork and touching stories.

I am always keen to feature traditional tales from around the world.  Stories often passed down by mouth, generation to generation, perhaps with variations to them depending on the storyteller and always unique to the cultures, the landscapes and the people … Continue reading

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The Witch at Turlingham Academy: an exciting new book series for girls age 8+ who love magic, witchy adventures and boarding school fun

Children’s books set in boarding schools have such an enduring appeal.  For adults, they are a nostalgic look back at their own school days, friendships made, friendships lost, the fun, the scrapes, the tears.  I didn’t get to go to … Continue reading

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The Not So Scary Cactus by Theatre Tots: Storytelling using Drama, Music and Dance

Storytelling can take many forms – a cosy cuddle at bedtime, a whole school story in assembly.  It can be one person telling a story, it can be hundreds.  It can even be off-the-cuff made-up stories in the middle of … Continue reading

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Rachel Isadora : Evoking the colours, shapes and patterns of Africa in a reworking of Brothers Grimm

Rachel Isadora began dancing at the age of six and went on to dance professionally in New York City.   Rachel also lived for ten years in Africa.   Both influences are clearly visible in the treatment she has given to the Brothers Grimm fairy … Continue reading

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Noah’s Rocket: a highly entertaining and modern reworking of the Noah and the flood story, a great read for children age 5-9

Recognise the rocket on the front cover of Noah’s Rocket by Tony Frais?  No? Well, here’s a big clue.  Next time you are walking through the City of London or watching the latest news about bankers’ bonuses, take a good look … Continue reading

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