Miki by Stephen Mackey: beautiful dreamy snowscenes and a magical mid-winter tale of courage, friendship and adventure

Miki written and illustrated by Stephen Mackey

A forever-icy world and magical underwater creatures brought to life by Stephen Mackey, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts and Slot Machine theatre company

Just before Christmas I took my two daughters (aged nine and six) to see Miki at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts (Maidenhead, Berkshire), produced by Slot Machine theatre company.   We were totally captivated.   By the creativity and extraordinary puppetry.  By the amazing and amusing costumes of the undersea creatures.  And by the story itself – an inspiring and touching tale about friends, the simplicity of wishes and courage in adventure.

“I wish”, said Miki, as she fished for supper,  “I could catch a star.  A star would shine forever.”  On midwinter eve when an icy wind blew, the moon weaved its magic and wishes came true.

Miki, Polar Bear and Penguin just want to brighten up the cold, dark and icy world in which they live.  They wish for a tree, they wish for some pretty lights “to cheer it up” and they wish for a star, a star that would “shine forever”.   And then, first Miki, then Polar Bear and finally Penguin are taken on an adventure, deep down in the depths and beauty of the ocean below their little fishing hole, safe in the magic of midwinter eve.  There, they  meet a host of underwater creatures – a gentle giant of a narwhal, a tiny octopus, crabs, a very big octopus and hundreds of twinkling stars.  Will Miki be able to bring back a star for the friend’s little tree before the midwinter eve magic runs out?

Miki hangs some fairy lights

"A star that would shine forever"

As you can see, Stephen Mackey’s illustrations are beautiful and dream-like in the way they portray the icy world where Miki, Polar Bear and Penguin live.

David Tennant has read Miki as part of CBeebies Bedtime Hour, here it is.  Charming, isn’t it.

Create your own Miki theatrescape and puppets and act out this delightful story

My daughters and I turned an old cardboard box into an icy, cold, winter landscape on top and an under-the-ice waterworld below.

Miki and her friends try to brighten up their icy, dark world

Miki and Penguin's magical underwater journey

Slot Machine theatre company are now touring with Miki – through January, February and March 2012.   See their website for more details and contact information.



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3 Responses to Miki by Stephen Mackey: beautiful dreamy snowscenes and a magical mid-winter tale of courage, friendship and adventure

  1. Zoe says:

    I’ve yet to read this book, but it’s on my list! The theatre show sounds magical. Puppets are so powerful.

    • Yvonne Keen says:

      Hi Zoe, We have had SO much fun with the theatre. Making it, planning the story, and acting it out. Great also for thinking up our own versions of the story. Best wishes to you and your family. Yvonne

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