7 children’s picture books that gently touch upon generosity, letting go, honesty, good deeds, difference and love

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Continuing the theme of books that help us nagivate through life’s ups and downs, this collection will definitely guide parents and children along the way.

That’s Love by Sam Williams, illustrated by Mique Moriuchi   A beautiful reminder of what love means to a child.  Not stacks of presents at Christmas but the simplicity of “being kissed, being missed…wanting to share, wanting to care”.  “Seeing the good, the way we all should. Being special, being there, the way you are, the way you care, THAT’S LOVE.”   Enough said.   Age 0+

Jessica Strange by Malorie Blackman, illustrated by Alison Bartlett    Jessica is confused.  Her mum, brothers and sisters are all mice.   But she doesn’t look like them.  In fact she’s not quite sure what kind of animal she is at all.  So she visits all the other animals that live in the farmyard and asks each of them in turn if they can tell her what she is.   At last Mrs Duck has some wise words for Jessica, “If you want to stay with your brothers and sisters, then stay with them.  It doesn’t matter what you are, as long as you love them and they love you”.   ….”a thoughtful look at differences.” TES PRIMARY   Age 2+

Something Else, written by Kathryn Cave, illustrated by Chris Riddell   Something Else tries to be like the others.  But everything he does shows how different he is.  Then Something turns up and wants to be friends.   But Something Else isn’t sure he’s at all like him and turns him away.   Something looks sad and small and this reminds Something Else how he felt when the others turned him away.  A heart-warming tale about accepting difference.  Age 2+

Blame it on the Great Blue Panda! by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Emma Carlow and Trevor Dickinson   Pandi is a cute, adorable little panda bear.   But he is also very naughty.  And every time he is naughty he says “It wasn’t me….it was the Great Blue Panda!”   Pandi’s mum knows the truth and decides to teach Pandi a lesson.  Pandi’s in for a shock!   And only then does he learn the value of honesty.   Age 2+

I Love My Cloth by Amber Stewart, illustrated by Layn Marlow    Bean is a little rabbit who is very attached to Cloth.  Mummy and Daddy rabbit think it is time to start doing things without Cloth.   But Bean is not so sure and hatches a plan, her “keep Cloth forever plan”.   But things don’t quite go to plan and Bean, with the help of Mummy, Daddy and big brother, slowly gets used to life without Cloth.  A really gentle story about letting go.  Age 2+

How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham    A beautiful story told mainly through pictures and the minimum of words and it works really well this way because parents and children can create their own commentary to go with the illustrations.  Will is a little boy who picks up a fallen bird from a crowded city pavement.  Everyone else has simply walked by.   He and his parents gently nurse the pigeon back to health.  With a little hope, “Will opened his hands and with a beat of its wings, the bird was gone”.  “A simple good deed shines with a child’s transforming faith”.  Books for Keeps   Age 0+

The Story Blanket written by Ferida Wolff, Harriet May Savitz and illustrated by Elena Odriozola    A heart-warming story about generosity rewarded, with stunning illustrations by the award-winning illustrator of The Opposite.  Babba Zarrah is the village storyteller and all the children love to sit on her beautiful woollen blanket to listen to her stories.   It is winter time and all Babba’s neighbours need new clothes.  Where is Babba going to get the wool to knit them?   “Every question has an answer,” said Babba Zarrah.   “I just have to think of it.”  Soon all the village children are huddling much closer together on Babba Zarrah’s story blanket.  Soon there is no blanket left, but the villagers have a solution for that!   Age 2+

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3 Responses to 7 children’s picture books that gently touch upon generosity, letting go, honesty, good deeds, difference and love

  1. Zoe says:

    What a lovely selection of books, several new to me. They would perhaps make good companion reads to those I chose when i was looking for books featuring “the kindness of strangers” http://www.playingbythebook.net/2011/04/22/the-kindness-of-strangers/

    • Yvonne Keen says:

      Thank you Zoe. My children have loved looking through these together. Aren’t books and stories great for helping to deal with those little things that we come across along the way, things that need a little thought.

    • Yvonne Keen says:

      Zoe, I have just taken a look at your “kindness of strangers” article on your site and it is truly inspiring. Absolutely well done for all you do via your site, your love of books and the way you reach out to people everywhere. Lovely.

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