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5 children’s picture books that gently touch upon friendship, acceptance, separation and the value of not having it all

Few of us escape experiencing difficulties or upsets along the way.   It can be during these times that we learn the most about life, ourselves and what is important although this isn’t always easy.  And for children, it must be … Continue reading

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5 Children’s Books Set During the Second World War (Plus Links to Teaching Resources)

                                War is not an easy or straightforward subject to talk about with children.  War is never simple, never black and white.    The stories featured … Continue reading

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Children’s Books on iPad and Desktops – A Way Forward But Not THE Way Forward

Up until now I have resisted any developments in children’s books which in any way might distract from the serenity and quiet of following a storyline in a traditional, printed book.   My two children are avid readers and I put that … Continue reading

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Children’s books for new and developing readers – engaging books to move onto after Oxford Reading Tree

          A majority of primary schools in the UK now use the Oxford Reading Scheme to support the teaching of reading to their children.   The scheme has synthetic phonics at its heart which is the preferred method for teaching … Continue reading

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Make it with paper – 6 children’s books for budding paper engineers

I don’t know about your children, but mine go through paper like drinking water.  Thankfully we have a plentiful supply of scrap paper.   Paper, scissors, sellotape and lots of imagination will keep children happy for hours.   And sometimes the results … Continue reading

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